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Special Article
Health Care Reform
October 11, 1999

Is Integrative Medicine the Medicine of the Future?A Debate Between Arnold S. Relman, MD, and Andrew Weil, MD

Arch Intern Med. 1999;159(18):2122-2126. doi:10.1001/archinte.159.18.2122

DALEN: Now it is my pleasure to introduce Dan Rutz, senior medical correspondent for CNN, who has graciously agreed to moderate this important debate.

RUTZ: Thank you, Dr Dalen. Good evening and welcome. The 18 years I have covered medical news for CNN have gone by quickly. It is because the field is so broad, the topics so compelling, and the pace so quick. It can be safely said there is never a dull moment. The part of the fascination that makes health and medical information the subject of such universal interest lies in its complexity and in the different perspectives the experts bring to their field. Indeed, the frequent admonition for patients to seek a second opinion is based on the premise that reasonable opposing arguments can often be made regarding how best to manage certain conditions or to prevent disease in the first place. This evening, we have an exciting opportunity for respected, reasonable experts to disagree. We will also find, I am sure, many areas of common ground between them. Let me introduce our debaters.

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