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May 1927


Arch Intern Med (Chic). 1927;39(5):673-697. doi:10.1001/archinte.1927.00130050070007


  • The Metabolic Rate in Acromegaly and Hypopituitarism

  • Acromegaly and Goiter

  • The Question Primarily from the Standpoint of the Thyroid

  • The effect on the metabolism of:

  • (a) Thyroidectomy

  • Treatment with Lugol's solution

  • The Question Primarily from the Standpoint of the Hypophysis

  • The effect on the metabolism of:

  • (a) Radiation of the hypophysis

  • Hypophysectomy

Summary and Conclusions  In a preceding paper in this series by one of us (Davidoff) which deals with the namnesis and symptomatology of acromegaly as recorded in 100 personally observed cases, a brief statement was made concerning the influence of the malady on the basal metabolic rate (B. M. R.1). It is proposed herein to discuss this matter more fully, for it is generally assumed that the thyroid is the organ exclusively concerned in the regulation of tissue combustion.Many theories have been advanced as to the cause of this condition: Clairmont and von Hoberer's filtration theory; Newaverch and Luebke's microscopic perforation; Lich and Fraenkel's small almost invisible perforation; a rupture subsequently healed, rupture of the interhepatic bile canal of Newaverch, and postperitoneal perforation of the common duct.One may dismiss from consideration the many and often painstaking studies of

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