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July 1939


Arch Intern Med (Chic). 1939;64(1):148-212. doi:10.1001/archinte.1939.00190010158013

ANEMIA OF PREGNANCY  Experimental studies of the effects on the blood of iron deficient diets given to rats throughout gestation and lactation have been discussed earlier in this review,159 A macrocytic form of anemia in pregnant rats has been produced by Kyer and Bethell160 by means of diets deficient in protein. Such anemia is accompanied by characteristic changes in the percentage and absolute number of the nucleated cells in the several stages of erythrocytic development represented in the marrow.161 The specific alteration in erythropoiesis is a "shift" to the more immature nucleated red blood cells, analogous to the "megaloblastic block" found in the marrow of patients with pernicious anemia. In rats receiving an inadequate amount of protein during gestation there is also extensive lipoidosis of the liver, arising first in the central zones of the hepatic lobules. An etiologic relation between hepatic damage, induced by deficient diets,