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March 1942


Arch Intern Med (Chic). 1942;69(3):470-545. doi:10.1001/archinte.1942.00200150103010

The material for this article has been selected mainly from publications which have appeared from July 1940 to November 1941. As in previous reviews,1 it has been necessary rigidly to select material. Little attention has been paid to reports dealing with comparative serologic studies, and case reports have been almost entirely eliminated. Because of the difficulty of obtaining journals from the European continent, there is a striking decrease in the number of foreign articles reviewed.

NEW BOOKS  Since the publication of the last review, several important contributions have appeared in monographic form.Worster-Drought2 is responsible for a brief (241 pages) monograph entitled "Neurosyphilis." The book is a satisfactory condensation of the subject, more useful to the medical student and the general practitioner than to the specialist.Dennie and Pakula3 are the authors of "Congenital Syphilis." There is, as the preface says, much need for a "book... helpful