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December 1946

SYPHILIS: A Review of the Recent Literature

Arch Intern Med (Chic). 1946;78(6):733-769. doi:10.1001/archinte.1946.00220060106006

PENICILLIN THERAPY  Only in England, where penicillin was discovered, and in the United States, where its usefulness in syphilis first was demonstrated, has penicillin been used extensively in the treatment of syphilis. In other countries, either penicillin has been unavailable or its use has been restricted to more acutely lethal infections. Consequently, information concerning the treatment of syphilis with penicillin thus far has appeared only in British and American journals. Summaries of recent developments without original observation have recently appeared in the Latin-American,93 French94 and Indian95 literature.In the United States, a nationwide study of the effect of penicillin in the treatment of syphilis was begun Sept. 1, 1943, under the auspices of the Committee on Medical Research. On Jan. 1, 1946, the financing and general supervision of the project were taken over by the National Institute of Health, United States Public Health