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July 1947

GASTROENTEROLOGY: A Review of the Literature from July 1945 to July 1946

Arch Intern Med (Chic). 1947;80(1):89-142. doi:10.1001/archinte.1947.00220130097009

SARCOMA  A malignant extramedullary plasma cell tumor arising in the stomach and metastasizing to the retroperitoneal space is described by Couret.178 The exact nature of the process was not recognized until the histologic examination—although the clinical, roentgenologic and gross pathologic evidence indicated a malignant obstructive lesion of the pylorus. Histologically, the resemblance between plasma cell tumors and actively proliferating chronic inflammatory cells may make the differentiation troublesome.A reticulum cell sarcoma is reported by Cash and Rappoport.179


Carcinogenic Hydrocarbons.  —Beck180 studied the carcinogenic effect of hydrocarbons on the stomach of CBA mice. No tumors occurred in the glandular stomachs when 0.01 mg. of dibenzanthracene was given daily for three to ninety-seven weeks followed by a 0.1 per cent croton oil soap solution up to ninety weeks. However, in each of the 6 mice surviving for forty-two weeks in the group receiving benzpyrene