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September 1947

RHEUMATIC PNEUMONITIS: A Case of Widespread Chronic (Proliferative) Type with Acute (Exudative) Foci

Author Affiliations
From the Department of Pathology, Baylor Hospital.
Arch Intern Med (Chic). 1947;80(3):328-342. doi:10.1001/archinte.1947.00220150038003

CERTAIN pulmonary lesions occuring in some cases during the course of rheumatic fever and designated as rheumatic pneumonitis1 have been the source of much interest in recent years. That fleeting and migrating pulmonary involvement occurs in rheumatic fever has been known for some time. The historical aspects of this subject were presented by Paul.2 Attempts to identify the lesions by study of the tissue as one of the protean inflammatory manifestations of the rheumatic state seem to have been made only within relatively recent years.

Rabinowitz3 discussed the possibility that the fleeting pneumonopathy observed during rheumatic fever was due to the "rheumatic virus." Eiman and Gouley4 described lesions in the lungs of 2 patients which they considered to be similar to rheumatic cardiac lesions. Naish5 presented the pulmonary symptoms in 6 cases and expressed the view that the alterations observed were similar to the changes occurring elsewhere in the body during the course