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February 1949

SYPHILIS: A Review of the Recent Literature

Arch Intern Med (Chic). 1949;83(2):197-246. doi:10.1001/archinte.1949.00220310080007


PENICILLIN THERAPY  For the first time in these annual reviews, penicillin has been placed first in the section on syphilotherapy. Not only do the bulk of current reports deal with the antibiotic, either alone or in combination with metal chemotherapy and/or induced fever, but during the past five years the results obtained with penicillin have been so good as to elevate it definitely to a position of superiority.

The Therapeutic Activity of Impurities in Penicillin.  —Attention has been drawn in previous reviews to the fact that certain preparations of amorphous penicillin of relatively low potency and with high content of impurities possess therapeutic activity against various infections in excess of more purified amorphous, or even crystalline, preparations. Mention of this phenomenon has again been made by Rake, Dunham and Donovick17 (see previous installment).Hobby, Lenert and Hyman87 found that

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