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August 1950

INTRAVENTRICULAR BLOCK: Review of the Literature

Arch Intern Med (Chic). 1950;86(2):196-232. doi:10.1001/archinte.1950.00230140032005


  • Introduction

  • Left Versus Right Bundle Branch Block

  • Effect of "Electrical" Position on Pattern and Electrical Axis of Intraventricular Block

  • Histologic Studies of the Conduction System in Intraventricular Block

  • Clinical Studies

  • Clinical and Dynamic Manifestations of Intraventricular Block

  • Inconstant Intraventricular Block

  • Bilateral Bundle Branch Block and Relation of Intraventricular to Auriculoventricular Block

  • Anatomy of Conduction System

  • Derivation of the Electrocardiographic Pattern

  • Electrocardiographic Pattern of Complete Bundle Branch Block

  • Incomplete Bundle Branch Block

  • Experimental and Clinical Studies on a Peripheral Ventricular Origin of Intraventricular Block

  • Summary

INTRODUCTION  THE CONCEPT of bundle branch block was introduced by Eppinger and Rothberger 1 in 1909 in Vienna, when, during the course of electrocardiographic studies of the effects of trauma to the myocardium induced by the injection of silver nitrate solution, they suspected that the appearance of broadened ventricular complexes meant damage to a main bundle branch. During the next few years, they