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April 1953

SYPHILIS: A Review of the Recent Literature

Author Affiliations

PHILADELPHIA; WILMINGTON, DEL. With the Collaboration of Frank W. Reynolds, M.D., and T. Guthe, M.D., Geneva, Switzerland

From the University of Pennsylvania. Department of Dermatology, School of Medicine, Donald M. Pillsbury, M.D., Professor; the Graduate School of Medicine, Herman Beerman, M.D., Chairman, and the Institute for the Study of Venereal Disease, John H. Stokes, M.D., Director.

AMA Arch Intern Med. 1953;91(4):493-540. doi:10.1001/archinte.1953.00240160079008

SINCE the compilation of the 16th Annual Review of Syphilis,1 there has been ample affirmation of the theme that syphilis is still "rearing its ugly head" but syphilologists are rapidly disappearing, in this country at least. This is exemplified by the suspension (for economic reasons?) of the Journal of Venereal Disease Information; by the removal of syphilology from the great university departments of dermatology because of the realization that syphilis, like leprosy, is probably a public health department matter, and by Evan Thomas' fears for the future, in which he pictures the possible rise of the incidence of syphilis because of war or other disaster in the United States or Canada, where the training of competent syphilologists has been all but abandoned by the non-public-health facilities. The gradual drop in incidence of venereal disease in general, and syphilis in particular, during the period 1947-1951 has now been officially documented.

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