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December 1962

Doctors, Patients and Health Insurance: The Organization and Financing of Medical Care

Arch Intern Med. 1962;110(6):920-923. doi:10.1001/archinte.1962.03620240102025

The subject of this volume is complex beyond the average person's imagination of it, yet the book is so skillfully assembled and so adroitly presented that both the complexity itself and the authors' pragmatic resolution of it become comprehensible to any attentive reader. The published literature on the subject of health insurance is not only enormous, but continues to grow at a prodigious rate, since most daily newspapers and popular magazines vigorously exploit the topic. As a lively political issue it is an almost unexcelled circulation builder for periodicals of nearly any audience appeal.

Professor and Mrs. Somers' book, first published a little over a year ago, appears to have had considerable impact and will continue to be quoted as an authoritative reference. The workmanlike manner in which they have sifted and organized the literature up to 1960 compels admiration for its technical excellence. To the undiscriminating reader the apparent

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