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January 1963

Medical Priesthoods, Past and Present

Arch Intern Med. 1963;111(1):4-9. doi:10.1001/archinte.1963.03620250008002

As your president goes about the stimulating yet awesome task of preparing his speech for this occasion, he turns naturally to the literary accomplishments of his distinguished predecessors, and he finds, looking back across the years, that they have addressed you in all sorts of moods—some with gratification, some with amusement, occasionally with indignation, some with new knowledge to impart; but most frequently with some sort of earnest admonition. By and large, your president has had something on his chest which he would like to get off. The world is wrong, in one way or another, and he would right it. He realizes that he has before him, perhaps for the last time, not only a distinguished but also a completely captive audience, and he lets them have it, without let or hindrance. Like some aging pugilist—I hope my simile is not unkind—he comes out swinging, hell-bent to land one