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June 1963

Gambit on the Red See

Arch Intern Med. 1963;111(6):685-686. doi:10.1001/archinte.1963.03620300005002

There are many ways to find things out, or to get answers. A busy editor may wave a distress signal, and all hands hurry to rescue him. Last December, Sprunt and Wolff2 and Fear and Muggia1 ran a dead heat. In a footnote to a note by Fear and Muggia,1I called for help and a tidal wave hit. I did this instead of taking the trouble to go back and find references I had stuck away somewhere and because I do not have a "complete" file of the kind which has given great repose of spirit to George X. Trimble.3 Occasionally pressure for time brings its own rewards. I now have all manner of cheerful reminders, reprints, lists of earlier publications, and the 'inspired' "Heroic Poesy" of Dr. Trimble. Many minor medical lessons emerge from this experience: We relearn the difficulty of assigning priority and

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