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November 1963


Author Affiliations

Department of Internal Medicine, University Hospitals, State University of Iowa, Iowa City.

Arch Intern Med. 1963;112(5):640-642. doi:10.1001/archinte.1963.03860050054002

Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch was born on Nov 21, 1863, just 100 years ago. His life and work are worth remembering. I had read several anthologies gathered together by Quiller-Couch before I realized that, as I looked at his name and said it to myself, I was saying it the wrong way. In fact, it was only after getting Brittain's biographical sketch of Quiller-Couch that I realized that, as "Q" said himself, it does not rhyme with sofa. Though Quiller-Couch may be remembered in England more as a novelist and enchanting story-teller, I think of him as the stern scholar looking over my shoulder and making me wince from time to time when I find I have committed some trivial or flagrant stylistic or grammatical error, excoriating his spirit. I sometimes hear the low rumbling noise as he turns over in his grave.

I have read and reread, studied and worked