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October 1964

Recurrent Nephrotic Syndrome

Arch Intern Med. 1964;114(4):525-529. doi:10.1001/archinte.1964.03860100107012

Patients have been observed who have had one or more recurrences of the nephrotic syndrome after long periods of complete freedom from the disease.1,2 Such recurrences are an occasional manifestation of lipoid nephrosis (also known as pure, true, membranous, idiopathic, Ellis type 2) and ordinarily do not occur in nephrotic syndrome of other cause. Late reappearance of nephrosis after apparent healing presents a difficult problem with regard to prognosis in this disease. The present report concerns a 14-year-old boy with recurrence of lipoid nephrosis after a remission longer than 12 years.

Report of Case  A 14-year-old caucasian schoolboy was admitted to Kaiser Foundation Hospital because of periorbital swelling and peripheral edema.At the age of 22 months the child had developed periorbital edema, and heavy proteinuria had been found. He was admitted to Stanford University Hospital, where generalized edema and ascites were observed. The blood pressure was 92/65 mm