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October 1970

Taxonorics: I. Formulation of Criteria

Author Affiliations

New Haven, Conn

From the Eastern Research Support Center and the Department of Medicine, West Haven (Conn) Veterans Administration Hospital, and the Departments of Medicine and Epidemiology, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, Conn.

Arch Intern Med. 1970;126(4):679-693. doi:10.1001/archinte.1970.00310100125018


  1. Introduction

  2. Basic strategy

    1. Selection of topics

    2. Specification of purpose

    3. Choice of intermediate transfers

    4. Development of criteria

  3. The morphology of data

    1. Primary expression

    2. Scales of categories

    1. Unranked data

      • Existential

      • Nominal

    2. Ranked data

      • Ordinal

      • Metric

  4. The conversion of data

    1. Homologous conversion

      1. Preservation

      2. Translation

      3. Conjunction

      1. Heterologous conversion

        1. Transformation

          • Designation

          • Incorporation

          1. Expansion

          2. Cluster

      1. Transduction

        • Appraisal

        • Inference

  5. The construction of criteria

    1. Principles of justification

    1. Peremptory assignment

  6. Internal comparison

  7. Consensual validation

  8. Extrinsic documentation

    1. Operational procedures

    1. Eligibility

  9. Aggregation

    1. Provision for imperfect data

  10. Functions of criteria

    1. Identification criteria

    2. Evaluation criteria

    3. Transition criteria

    4. Management criteria

  11. Summary

Introduction  Like every major new medium of technology, the digital computer has led to new occupations and new intellectual disciplines. Vocationally, it has produced not only the "constituent" occupations related to design, manufacture, sales, and servicing of the computer itself, but also the "operational" positions filled by key-punchers, data coders, programmers, and systems analysts. Intellectually, the availability of computers has stimulated the

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