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September 1978

Normal Jejunal Cyclic Nucleotide Content in a Patient With Secretory Diarrhea

Arch Intern Med. 1978;138(9):1403-1405. doi:10.1001/archinte.1978.03630340073023

A case of chronic secretory diarrhea with elevated plasma vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) and serum gastrin levels is described. Plasma secretin, glucagon, insulin, and cyclic adenosine and guanine monophosphate (cAMP and cGMP) concentrations were normal. Administration of a prostaglandin synthetase inhibitor failed to decrease the volume of diarrhea. There was no evidence of laxative abuse, antral cell hyperplasia, gastric hypersecretion, or pancreatic hypersecretion. The pancreatic histology was interpreted as islet cell hyperplasia. Jejunal tissue cAMP and cGMP concentrations were in the same range as those obtained from three control subjects. This report suggests that cyclic nucleotides may not mediate intestinal secretion in hormone-induced diarrhea.

(Arch Intern Med 138:1403-1405, 1978)