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February 1990

Human Immunodeficiency Virus–Associated Nephropathy: East Is East and West Is West?

Arch Intern Med. 1990;150(2):253-255. doi:10.1001/archinte.1990.00390140009002

[ill] a time it appeared that the kidney was an organ [ill] from any clinically important involvement [ill] atients with the acquired immunodeficiency syn[ill]me (AIDS). Then in 1984, the first reports of [ill] disease in patients with AIDS were pub[ill]1-3 and, although a variety of renal lesions have [ill] described, attention has focused on a particu[ill] alignant syndrome characterized clinically by elde[ill]ic-range proteinuria and rapidly advancing ure [ill]and histologically by focal and segmental [ill] (FSGS).4-6 Indeed, in the centers [ill]this syndrome, it has been observed in as [ill] of patients with AIDS.4,6 Most of the [ill]been observed in blacks with intravenous [ill] as the AIDS risk factor, suggesting [ill]human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)– [ill]nephropathy could be a variant of so[ill] nephropathy, also characterized by [ill]confined largely to black IV drug users.7,8 [ill] the clinical course of HIV-associated ne[ill] seems to differ from that of heroin ne[i