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March 1960

Relationship of Viruses to Malignant Disease: Part I. Tumor Induction by SE Polyoma Virus

Author Affiliations


Roswell Park Memorial Institute, Buffalo.

AMA Arch Intern Med. 1960;105(3):469-481. doi:10.1001/archinte.1960.00270150123012

The discovery of viruses by Iwanowski1 in 1892 and its confirmation by Beijerinick 2 in 1899 led the two French investigators Borrel 3,4 and Boss 5 to postulate that some tumors may be caused by viruses. The first report of a tumor-inducing virus was made in 1908 by Ellerman and Bang 6 who discovered the virus of chicken leukosis. Three years later, Rous 7,8 discovered the viruses causing chicken sarcoma and osteochondrosarcoma.

In 1932, Shope 9,10 found that a fibroma in rabbits was caused by a virus, and discovered a virus causing infectious papilloma in rabbits. The following year, Furth11 classified chicken leukosis as erythroblastosis and myeloblastosis, and showed that it was transmissible by cell-free filtrates. In 1936, Bittner 12 made his fundamental discovery of the virus that induces mammary tumors in mice. Two years later, Lucké 13 demonstrated the viral etiology for a kidney carcinoma in the

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