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April 1960

The Relationship of Central Nervous System Activity to Lipid Metabolism

Author Affiliations

Department of Medicine Duke University Medical Center Durham, N.C.

AMA Arch Intern Med. 1960;105(4):505-509. doi:10.1001/archinte.1960.00270160003001

The dynamic state of adipose tissue lipid has once again become the focus of intense investigative interest. In the past decade, the relationship of lipid metabolism to disease, particularly in disorders of the blood vessels and the heart, has received emphasis. As the primary area of lipid deposition and concentration, adipose tissue itself has become the subject of study. As a result of these studies, the widely held notion that adipose tissue is a relatively inert storehouse is no longer tenable. In 1948 Wertheimer and Shapiro1 clearly summarized the evidence that indicated the dynamic qualities of adipose tissue. The salient features of that review included the abundant vascular and neural supply to the tissue, the importance of carbohydrate metabolism within adipose tissue, and the marked mobility of adipose tissue in response to various stimuli. This property of mobility—affording the opportunity for lipid to be rapidly available to all tissues—

Dole refers to the nonesterified fatty acids as "NEFA"; Gordon refers to this lipid fraction as unesterified fatty acid or "UFA." Investigators interested in this area have agreed to refer to these lipid compounds as free fatty acids, and use one abbreviation "FFA."
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