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May 1960

Lengthy Diabetes: Causes and Effects

Author Affiliations

Portland, Oregon

AMA Arch Intern Med. 1960;105(5):746-751. doi:10.1001/archinte.1960.00270170084009

This is a report of a study of 114 patients who lived 25 years or longer with diabetes mellitus.

The study was made in an effort to determine, first, why some patients are able to survive for such long periods; second, what are the effects of this protracted form of the disorder. The results are presented to encourage those who care for diabetic individuals in a strict manner and to discourage those who claim that degenerative vascular complications are inevitable in diabetes of 25 years' duration.

Materials and Methods  Review of 12,000 medical records of diabetic patients, accumulated in 35 years of private practice (B.H.), produced 126 who had had diabetes mellitus for 25 years or more as of July 1, 1958. Of this number 12 were excluded because their data were inadequate, leaving 114 patients for study.An analysis was made of the history; physical findings, including ophthalmoscopy under

The data on insulin usage in the general diabetic population are based on Dr. William R. Kirtley's estimates that 1,100,000 diabetics in this country are receiving insulin (or a substitute), and the average daily dose is 30 units.
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