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December 1966

Articular Sporotrichosis

Author Affiliations
From the Baylor University College of Medicine and Houston Veterans Administration Hospital, Houston.
Arch Intern Med. 1966;118(6):584-587. doi:10.1001/archinte.1966.00290180060012

SPOROTRICHOSIS in its usual form consists of a cutaneous ulcer at a site of inoculation and nodules along the course of the superficial lymphatic drainage. Dissemination beyond the cutaneous lymphatics occurred in only five of some 3,300 cases included in a report by Lurie.1

Joint involvement is occasionally mentioned in discussions of the disease spectrum of disseminated sporotrichosis,2,3 but there are very few well-documented case reports of sporotrichotic arthritis in the English medical literature. The present report will describe a patient with sporotrichosis confined to the knee and will discuss previously reported cases of sporotrichosis of joints.

Report of Case  The patient, a 56-year-old Negro man, was admitted to the Houston Veterans Administration Hospital on June 16, 1964. He had first noted pain in the left knee in October 1962, and two months later he developed a cystic mass in the subcutaneous tissue overlying the medial aspect of

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