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January 1969

Extranodal Lymphosarcoma of the Left Liver Lobe With Paraproteinemia

Author Affiliations


From the departments of pathology (Drs. Alami; Bowman; and Race) and medicine (Dr. Reese), Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas. Dr. Alami is now with the Department of Clinical Pathology, American University Hospital, Beirut, Lebanon.

Arch Intern Med. 1969;123(1):64-68. doi:10.1001/archinte.1969.00300110066013

The association of gammapathies with lymphomas and related disorders has been increasingly reported.1-9 Cases of extranodal lymphosarcoma are relatively rare, and those originating in the liver, with associated serum M-components, are accordingly more rare. To the best of our knowledge, this latter association has not been reported by others.

The present report is concerned with a case of malignant lymphoma, lymphocytic type, associated with macroglobulinemia and increased IgG, which was recognized during a diagnostic work-up for anemia and an epigastric mass. Light chain typing of the IgM revealed the presence of type L specificity which is less commonly encountered.

Patient Summary  The patient (BUMC 160-342), an 80-year-old white male, retired grocer, was admitted to Baylor University Medical Center on Aug 13, 1967. The patient had been in unusually good health and active, considering his age, until six to eight weeks prior to admission. He began to note the onset

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