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June 1986

Cefotaxime vs Nafcillin and Tobramycin for the Treatment of Serious Infection: Comparative Cost-effectiveness

Arch Intern Med. 1986;146(6):1153-1157. doi:10.1001/archinte.1986.00360180159024

• To evaluate the cost-effectiveness of cefotaxime sodium at a dosage of 12 g/day vs nafcillin sodium and tobramycin sulfate for the treatment of serious infection, the hospital and physician charges of patients enrolled in a prospective, randomized, clinical trial were analyzed. For 187 patients receiving therapy empirically, mean hospital charges for the interval in which the trial antibiotics were used were $3,550±$1,740 for cefotaxime and $3,160±$1,990 for nafcillin and tobramycin. After adjusting for cost-generating factors, charges for cefotaxime were greater than for nafcillin and tobramycin, but the difference was not significant. For 107 patients with clinically or bacteriologically documented infection, mean charges were $3,980±$1,800 for cefotaxime and $4,170±$1,780 for nafcillin and tobramycin. Adjusted charges did not differ. Incremental charges for cefotaxime per additional response were $1,630 in all patients and -$820 in patients with clinically or bacteriologically documented infections.

(Arch Intern Med 1986;146:1153-1157)

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