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July 26, 2022

Data Errors in eTables 2 and 3

JAMA Netw Open. 2022;5(7):e2229031. doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2022.29031

The Original Investigation, “Mental Health Outcomes in Transgender and Nonbinary Youths Receiving Gender-Affirming Care,”1 published on February 25, 2022, in JAMA Network Open, had minor errors in the numbers of patients in eTables 2 and 3 in the Supplement; several of the numbers were missing 1 patient. These numbers and corresponding percentages have been corrected.1

Tordoff  DM, Wanta  JW, Collin  A, Stepney  C, Inwards-Breland  DJ, Ahrens  K.  Mental health outcomes in transgender and nonbinary youths receiving gender-affirming care.   JAMA Netw Open. 2022;5(2):e220978. doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2022.0978PubMedGoogle ScholarCrossref