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December 1962

Regional Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism in Vivo: Effects of Anoxia, Hypoglycemia, Ischemia, Acidosis, Alkalosis, and Alterations of Blood PCO2

Author Affiliations

Fellows of the Michigan Heart Association, 1960-1961, 1961-1962 (Drs. Hamaguchi, Gotoh, Tazaki, and Ishikawa); Rockefeller Foundation Fellow (Dr. Symon).; From the Department of Neurology, Wayne State University, College of Medicine and the Department of Medicine, Keio University, Tokyo.

Arch Neurol. 1962;7(6):560-581. doi:10.1001/archneur.1962.04210060078006

Methods  The experiments to be described were carried out in a large laboratory maintained at constant temperature. Over 68 monkeys (Macacca rhesus and cynomolgus) and 2 cats were used. The animals were fasted and prepared with ether anesthesia. A diagram of the preparation is shown in Figure 1. The left internal jugular vein was exposed and ligated. Two lengths of polyethylene catheter (PE 160 or 205) were inserted into the cephalic and cardiac ends of the vein and securely tied with silk ligatures. In some experiments a perforated catheter was inserted via the sagittal sinus to the torcular. After all surgery was completed, the catheters were connected to the electrode manifold and blood pump to be described. Loose ligatures were placed around both carotid arteries and, in some experiments, both vertebral arteries so that they could be temporarily occluded during the experiment. A tracheal catheter was inserted and was connected

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