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January 1964

Postural Reflexes in Hemichorea of Sudden Onset

Arch Neurol. 1964;10(1):28-37. doi:10.1001/archneur.1964.00460130032004

Introduction  Postural reflexes are of many varieties; and, in the human subject, with his erect posture, some are continuously in operation except when he is lying completely relaxed, as in sleep. Those which are chiefly considered here belong to a group which may be called reactions to instability.Analytical observations on reactions to angular displacement (tilting) of the supporting base were made on the dog by André Thomas,1 as long ago as 1898, and later by Rademaker2; and observations on the human subject were described by Rademaker and Garcin3 and by Zador.4 In the dog the reactions were absent if the labyrinths had been destroyed, but Rademaker and Garcin found that in the human subject, while the reaction to rapid tilting depended on labyrinthine function, there was a reaction to slower tilting which was excited by proprioception. The matter was carried a stage further by Hurwitz

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