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September 1976

Absence of Bell Phenomenon During a Blink

Arch Neurol. 1976;33(9):662. doi:10.1001/archneur.1976.00500090068017

To the Editor.—  A recent article by Jacobs and Bender (Arch Neurol 33:289, 1976) warrants clarification of Bell phenomenon. Bell implied that an upward rotation of the eyes took place during any brief eye closure.1 However, Hall2 questioned the presence of Bell phenomenon during a spontaneous blink because of its short duration. A few attempts to estimate an upward ocular rotation during a blink yielded a figure of a few degrees at most.3.4Evaluation of 225 Right-Handed Focal Brain-Damaged Patients No. (%) of Patients With Left Hemisphere Lesions Aphasic Nonaphasic Right Hemisphere Lesions Literate (n = 182) 115 (63) 42 (23) 25 (14) Illiterate (n = 43) 29 (67) 5 (12) 9 (21)200μV I SECElectro-oculogram of a blink by a normal individual when eyes are in primary position, with both eyes open (A) and after the left eye is closed (B). (Electroencephalograph with the time constant 0.12 seconds.)