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November 1985

Focal Epilepsy With Mesial Temporal Sclerosis After Acute Meningitis

Arch Neurol. 1985;42(11):1058-1060. doi:10.1001/archneur.1985.04060100040017

• Following acute meningitis associated with severe convulsions in childhood, two patients had chronic, drugresistant, temporal lobe epilepsy. This disorder was preceded by an entirely natural development, in one case extending for nine years and in the other case for eight years. Each patient was treated with right anterior temporal lobectomy. Classic mesial temporal sclerosis (Ammon's horn sclerosis) was found in both patients. Relief of the epilepsy was associated with remission of the concomitant social and psychiatric handicaps. At least ten years of follow-up are required in the evaluation of the treatment of early brain infections. Chronic focal epilepsy after childhood meningitis with febrile convulsions merits neurosurgical consideration.