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Book Reviews
November 2000

Corticobasal Degeneration and Related Disorders (Advances in Neurology, vol 82)

Arch Neurol. 2000;57(11):1654-1655. doi:

It is a pleasure to review this authoritative monograph on what the authors elect to label corticobasal degeneration(CBD). As the editors and contributors reiterate many times in their text, this is a rare condition about which little has definitively been established, a state of affairs reflected by the numerous names by which this syndrome has come to be known through the years.

As I went through the pages of each fascinating chapter, it was gratifying to realize that it is still possible for scientists to communicate the vast knowledge they have accumulated on each particular topic, yet to admit that there is still much more that they are yearning to learn and discover. The desire to find answers for antemortem diagnostic tools, definitive clinical diagnostic criteria, epidemiologic and phenomenologic data, and, of course, management and cure, was the defining theme throughout the book.

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