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BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH is becoming more complex as a result of involvement by individual investigators, universities, commercial research units, and industry. Financial conflicts of interest have been the subject of many editorials, and most peer-reviewed journals now require any conflicts to be identified and explained when authors submit their manuscripts for publication. Clear statements of industry-sponsored research and author participation in corporate activities are required for the evaluation of a manuscript. Full disclosure of financial interests by authors is essential to retain public trust in biomedical research, the peer review process, and the integrity of the authors and universities.1 We already require each author to sign a statement of his or her financial arrangements with public, private, and industry sources of support. These declarations alert the editor, reviewer, and physician-reader to any potential bias in the interpretation and presentation of the data. Patients' lives may depend on an accurate and complete understanding of how and why the authors obtained facts relating to therapies.

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