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Images in Neurology
September 2006

Abdominal Pseudohernia Caused by Herpes Zoster Truncal D12 Radiculoneuropathy

Arch Neurol. 2006;63(9):1327. doi:10.1001/archneur.63.9.1327

Although cutaneous herpes zoster eruptions are commonly localized in the lower thoracic dermatomes, motor involvement is rare. The incidence of associated abdominal muscle weakness varies between 0% and 2%, in contrast to herpes zoster localized in the limbs and face.1

A 72-year-old man was admitted to the Unit of Neurophysiopathology, Hospital “Lotti,” Pontedera, Italy, because of a rash, stinging sensation, and abdominal pain on the left side of the abdomen, which had developed 5 weeks earlier. In addition to the rash and pain, the patient reported of swelling restricted to the lower left side of the abdomen.