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Reviewers for 1999
January 2000

Reviewers for 1999

Arch Neurol. 2000;57(1):15-16. doi:10.1001/archneur.57.1.15

On behalf of the Editors and Editorial Board of the ARCHIVES, I want to express our most sincere thanks to our reviewers for your commitment to provide scientifically excellent reviews of the articles sent to us. These reviews serve a vital function, ensuring that only the best clinical and basic research, reviews, and comments are finally published. The peer review process is an arduous one and there is no substitute. Thank you very much for your support of our efforts and the ARCHIVES. We are most grateful.


Bassel W. Abou-Khalil, MD; Harold P. Adams, Jr, MD; Mark Agostini, MD; Gregory W. Albers, MD; Martin L. Albert, MD; Michael J. Aminoff, MD; Britt Anderson, MD; Jack P. Antel, MD; Otto Appenzeller, MD, PhD; Barry G. Arnason, MD; Tetsuo Ashizawa, MD; Stephen Ashwal, MD; Noel S. Baker, MD; Robert W. Baloh, MD; Richard J. Barohn, MD; Fred Baskin, PhD; James T. Becker, PhD; Rodney D. Bell, MD; Oscar R. Benavente, MD; Christopher T. Bever, MD; Eileen H. Bigio, MD; Jose Biller, MD; Thomas D. Bird, MD; Karen Blindauer, MD; Frederick J. Bonte, MD; Blaise F. Bourgeois, MD; Roscoe O. Brady, MD; John C. S. Breitner, MD; Richard P. Brenner, MD; Susan B. Bressman, MD; Daniel F. Brown, MD; Robert D. Brown, Jr, MD; Robert H. Brown, Jr, MD, PhD; John C. M. Brust, MD; Wilson Bryan, MD; Linda Y. Buchwald, MD; Ashley I. Bush, MD, PhD.


J. Gregory Cairncross, MD; Donald B. Calne, MD; John E. Carter, MD; James J. Cereghino, MD; Phillip F. Chance, MD; Thomas N. Chase, MD; Keith H. Chiappa, MD; Helena C. Chui, MD; P. Michael Conneally, PhD; William M. Coplin, MD; James J. Corbett, MD; John R. Corboy, MD; James R. Couch, Jr, MD, PhD; C. Munro Cullum, PhD; Jeffrey L. Cummings, MD; Jennifer A. Cuthbert, MD; Marinos C. Dalakas, MD; Donald J. Dalessio, MD; Antonio R. Damasio, MD, PhD; Jasper R. Daube, MD; Larry E. Davis, MD; Robert J. DeLorenzo, MD, PhD; Martha B. Denckla, MD; Richard Dewey, MD; Ramon Diaz-Arrastia, MD, PhD; Dennis W. Dickson, MD; Luis D'Olhaberriague, MD, PhD; Rachelle Doody, PhD; Daniel B. Drachman, MD; Douglas A. Dulli, MD; James S. Duncan, PhD.


Jeffrey L. Elliott, MD; Thomas Ernst, PhD; Dennis A. Evans, MD; Martin R. Farlow, MD; Lindsay Farrer, PhD; John H. Ferguson, MD; Steven H. Ferris, PhD; Howard L. Fields, MD; John K. Fink, MD; Karen L. Fink, MD, PhD; Bruce J. Fisch, MD; James L. Fleckenstein, MD; Blair Ford, MD; Barbara M. Foster, PhD; Norman L. Foster, MD; Richard S. J. Frackowiak, MD; Roy L. Freeman, MD; Elliott Frohman, MD, PhD; Alan B. Frol, PhD; Karen L. Furie, MD.


Albert M. Galaburda, MD; Pierluigi Gambetti, MD; Mary Ganguli, MD, MPH; Donald H. Gilden, MD; Edward I. Ginns, MD, PhD; Lawrence I. Golbe, MD; Phillip B. Gorelick, MD; Scott T. Grafton, MD; Paul E. Greene, MD; David H. Gutmann, MD, PhD; Mark Hallett, MD; Lawrence A. Hansen, MD; Lindy E. Harrell, MD; Robert G. Hart, MD; Stephen L. Hauser, MD; Kenneth M. Heilman, MD; Robert M. Herndon, MD; Steven H. Horowitz, MD; James F. Howard, Jr, MD; Bradley T. Hyman, MD, PhD.


Victor V. Ionasescu, MD; Michael C. Irizarry, MD; William J. Jagust, MD; Joseph Jankovic, MD; Mark D. Johnson, MD; Doug Johnson-Greene, PhD, ABPP; Burk Jubelt, MD.


M. Ilyas Kamboh, PhD; Carlos S. Kase, MD; Robert Katzman, MD; Daniel Kaufer, MD; Jeffrey A. Kaye, MD; James R. Keane, MD; Thomas L. Kemper, MD; Andrew Kertesz, MD; Karl D. Kieburtz, MD; Don W. King, MD; Stephen J. Kish, PhD; J. P. Kistler, MD; Donald W. Klass, MD; David S. Knopman, MD; Prakash Kotagal, MD; John F. Kurtzke, MD; Ruben I. Kuzniecky, MD; Laura J. Lacritz, PhD; Anthony E. Lang, MD; Norman Latov, MD; Ronald P. Lesser, MD; J. William Lindsey, MD; Robert P. Lisak, MD; Irene Litvan, MD; Elan D. Louis, MD, MS; Phillip A. Low, MD; James P. Luby, MD; Partick D. Lyden, MD.


Demetrius M. Maraganore, MD; Frederick J. Marshall, MD; Janice M. Massey, MD; Ninan T. Mathew, MD; Richard P. Mayeux, MD; James O. McNamara, MD; Robert S. Miletich, MD, PhD; Bruce L. Miller, MD; Van S. Miller, MD, PhD; Suzanne S. Mirra, MD; Richard C. Mohs, PhD; Howard W. Morgan, MD; Lewis B. Morgenstern, MD; Harold H. Morris III, MD; Soloman L. Moshe, MD; Richard T. Moxley III, MD; Theodore L. Munsat, MD; Anthony Murro, MD; John W. Norris, MD; Marc R. Nuwer, MD, PhD.


M. Kerry O'Banion, MD, PhD; Padraig O'Suilleabhain, MD; Gregory P. Owens, PhD; Massimo Pandolfo, MD; Donald W. Paty, MD; Alan Pestronk, MD; Ronald C. Petersen, MD, PhD; Bruce Pike, PhD; Samuel J. Pleasure, MD, PhD; William A. Pulsinelli, MD, PhD; Stefan M. Pulst, MD.


Michael K. Racke, MD; Stephen M. Rao, PhD; Andrew L. Reeves, MD; Vincent M. Riccardi, MD, MBA; David P. Richman, MD; Michael W. Risinger, MD; Gustavo C. Roman, MD, FACP, FRSM; Allan H. Ropper, MD; Guy A. Rouleau, MD, PhD; Lewis P. Rowland, MD; Richard A. Rudick, MD; Martin A. Samuels, MD; Russell P. Saneto, MD; Mary Sano, PhD; Clifford B. Saper, MD, PhD; Stephen M. Sawrie, PhD; Randolph B. Schiffer, MD; Giovanni Schifitto, MD; Henry S. Schutta, MD; Steven R. Schwid, MD; Stephen M. Sergay, MD; Kathleen M. Shannon, MD; Frank W. Sharbrough, MD; William A. Sibley, MD; Teepu Siddique, MD; Donald H. Silberberg, MD; Yaakov Stern, PhD; Warren J. Strittmatter, MD; S. H. Subramony, MBBS; Kunihiko Suzuki, MD.


Rudolph E. Tanzi, PhD; William H. Theodore, MD; Daniel Tranel, PhD; B. Todd Troost, MD; John L. Trotter, MD; Eliza Vasconcellos, MD; Rhonda Voskuhl, MD.


Stephen G. Waxman, MD, PhD; Myron F. Weiner, MD; William J. Weiner, MD; Barbara F. Westmoreland, MD; Jack P. Whisnant, MD; Golder N. Wilson, MD, PhD; Anthony J. Windebank, MD; Robert J. Wityk, MD; Gil I. Wolfe, MD; Jerry S. Wolinsky, MD; Earl A. Zimmerman, MD.