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December 1997, Vol 54, No. 12, Pages 1441-1547



Abstract Full Text
Arch Neurol. 1997;54(12):1441-1442. doi:10.1001/archneur.1997.00550240005001

Autopsy-Proven Alzheimer Disease in a Patient With Dementia Who Retained Musical Skill in Life

Abstract Full Text
Arch Neurol. 1997;54(12):1448. doi:10.1001/archneur.1997.00550240008002

Pharmacological Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease: Molecular and Neurobiological Foundations

Abstract Full Text
Arch Neurol. 1997;54(12):1451. doi:10.1001/archneur.1997.00550240009003

Current Therapy in Neurologic Disease

Abstract Full Text
Arch Neurol. 1997;54(12):1451-1452. doi:10.1001/archneur.1997.00550240009004

Handbook of Multiple Sclerosis

Abstract Full Text
Arch Neurol. 1997;54(12):1452. doi:10.1001/archneur.1997.00550240010005

Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for 1997 Awarded to Stanley B. Prusiner, MD

Abstract Full Text
Arch Neurol. 1997;54(12):1456. doi:10.1001/archneur.1997.00550240012006

Abnormal Expression of Laminin β1 Chain in Skeletal Muscle of Adult-Onset Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy

Abstract Full Text
Arch Neurol. 1997;54(12):1457-1461. doi:10.1001/archneur.1997.00550240013007

Total Quality Improvement Method for Reduction of Delays Between Emergency Department Admission and Treatment of Acute Ischemic Stroke

Abstract Full Text
Arch Neurol. 1997;54(12):1466-1474. doi:10.1001/archneur.1997.00550240020008

The Quality-of-Life Effects of Interferon Beta-1b in Multiple Sclerosis: An Extended Q-TWiST Analysis

Abstract Full Text
Arch Neurol. 1997;54(12):1475-1480. doi:10.1001/archneur.1997.00550240029009

A Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study of Planum Temporale Asymmetry in Men With Developmental Dyslexia

Abstract Full Text
Arch Neurol. 1997;54(12):1481-1489. doi:10.1001/archneur.1997.00550240035010

Dichotic-Listening Performance and Intracarotid Injections of Amobarbital in Children and Adolescents: Preoperative and Postoperative Comparisons

Abstract Full Text
Arch Neurol. 1997;54(12):1494-1500. doi:10.1001/archneur.1997.00550240046011

Prose Recall in Dementia: A Comparison of Delay Intervals

Abstract Full Text
Arch Neurol. 1997;54(12):1501-1504. doi:10.1001/archneur.1997.00550240053012

Predictors of Intracranial Pathologic Findings in Patients Who Seek Emergency Care Because of Headache

Abstract Full Text
Arch Neurol. 1997;54(12):1506-1509. doi:10.1001/archneur.1997.00550240058013

'Complete' Spinal Cord Injury Does Not Block Perceptual Responses to Genital Self-stimulation in Women

Abstract Full Text
Arch Neurol. 1997;54(12):1513-1520. doi:10.1001/archneur.1997.00550240063014

Volumetric Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Clinical Applications and Contributions to the Understanding of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

Abstract Full Text
Arch Neurol. 1997;54(12):1521-1531. doi:10.1001/archneur.1997.00550240071015

Adult-Onset Niemann-Pick Type C Disease: Clinical, Biochemical, and Genetic Study

Abstract Full Text
Arch Neurol. 1997;54(12):1536-1541. doi:10.1001/archneur.1997.00550240084016

Four Legs: Illusory Reduplication of the Lower Limbs After Bilateral Parietal Lobe Damage

Abstract Full Text
Arch Neurol. 1997;54(12):1543-1547. doi:10.1001/archneur.1997.00550240091017