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April 1999

Photographs of Intralenticular Hemorrhage Following Blunt Ocular Trauma

Arch Ophthalmol. 1999;117(4):549. doi:

Congratulations to Drs Rao and Smith1 on the fine quality of the photographs in their recent "Photo Essay," which clearly show the location of the hemorrhage as not inside the lens capsule, but between the posterior lens capsule and the anterior vitreous face in the Berger space.2 Just as Wieger3 demonstrated the existence of his "Ligamentum Hyaloideo Capsulare" by injection of milk from the periphery, in this case blood outlines its existence from inside.4 Therefore, I suggest that the location of the hemorrhage is not "intralenticular," but "retrolenticular" in Berger's space, beautifully showing Wieger's ligament. The blood probably reached this spot through a break in this attachment as part of the contusion.