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100 Years Ago in the Archives
December 1998

A look at the past . . .

Arch Ophthalmol. 1998;116(12):1575. doi:10.1001/archopht.116.12.1575

Dr. Kruckmann (Leipzig). On the pathogeny of choked disc.

The author is of the opinion that, with the exception of agents furnished by animal parasites, the material necessary for production of a choked disc must be furnished by the cells of the human body itself. These cells he calls puretogenous, somatogenous, or autogenous, and refers their origin to hypertrophic material, produced by the destruction of cells. He also relies on the form of the exudate, which is chiefly fluid, to explain the disproportion which exists between the slight functional disturbance and the stormy appearances often seen in the papilla itself The chief causes of choked disc are autonomous tumors, tuberculosis, syphilis, and parasites. The occurrence of papillitis in intracranial processes is favored by anatomical connections of the peripheral terminations of the optic nerve with the central organ; and by increased cerebral pressure; it is a papillar inflammation; the inflammatory matter is somatogenous or autogenous when vision is slightly disturbed, but such an origin of the inflammatory material does not always explain the slight functional disturbance.