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Book and Software Review
October 2002

Cataract Surgery CD-ROM: The State of the Art

Arch Ophthalmol. 2002;120(10):1412-1413. doi:

This CD-ROM, arranged by experts in the field of cataract surgery, is a wonderful "state of the art" look into all the latest techniques of phacoemulsification, as well as special considerations to the surgery. The format of the software allows the viewer to read the text and/or watch the film clips of the various techniques while audio explains the steps. It is user-friendly and easy to follow.

The software is divided into 2 parts: "Step-by-Step Phacoemulsification" and "Special Techniques." Part 1, "Step-by-Step Phacoemulsification," is subdivided into the various stages, including incisions, hydrodissection, nuclear disassembly, viscodissection, intraocular lens insertion, and irrigation and aspiration. Nuclear disassembly is further divided into the chop and flip, choo choo phaco flip, chip and flip, stop and chop, quick chop, slice and split, and prechopping. Each of the previously mentioned steps are shown on video and explained by the accompanying text and audio. Phacoemulsification settings are provided for the choo choo chop flip technique for different machines. One minor disappointment was that the authors do not explain the pros and cons of each technique of nuclear disassembly, and which would be most appropriate to use in different circumstances (eg, the technique is best suited for hard vs soft nuclei).

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