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Book and Software Review
December 1999

A Child's Eyes: A Guide to Pediatric Primary Care

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Arch Ophthalmol. 1999;117(12):1672. doi:

Ophthalmologists must rely on parents and primary care physicians to recognize and initiate treatment of vision problems in children. Intended for both groups, this book provides a concise overview in plain language of the common disorders encountered in the practice of pediatric ophthalmology. The book is an easy read that can be completed in one afternoon, and pediatricians and family practitioners will benefit from reading it cover to cover. They will find the information needed to address common parental questions and concerns and to recognize circumstances that warrant referral to an ophthalmologist. If a practitioner seeks detailed information regarding a specific condition, however, the aid of a comprehensive reference text will likely be required. As noted by the authors in the preface, the dual target audience necessitates that some sections might be too superficial for the medical practitioner, while others might be too detailed for the parent.