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December 1999

Fishhook Removals

Arch Ophthalmol. 1999;117(12):1668-1669. doi:

I enjoyed reading the article by Deramo et al1 on fishhook removals in the April issue of the ARCHIVES. I believe they obtained a good result with the procedure they elected to use.

Living in one of the world's fishing meccas, I unfortunately have the occasion each summer of removing many fish hooks from globes and eyelids. While there are several methods available for dealing with the situation, I have found that simply cutting the hook at the eyelid skin level allows the surgeon to gently lift the eyelid off of the hook stump. With strong metal cutters the hook shaft can be cut even on hooks with a larger diameter. One can now deal with the globe in the fashion the writers describe but the eyelid will not be compromised.