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June 2003

Exfoliation Syndrome Among Azerbaijani

Arch Ophthalmol. 2003;121(6):920. doi:10.1001/archopht.121.6.920-a

The high prevalence of exfoliation syndrome (XFS) in Azerbaijan, noticed during a short-term international eye project, prompted the following prospective survey of the frequency of XFS in a subset of the Azerbaijani population. Heretofore, the prevalence of XFS in Azerbaijan has not been reported.

During a 3-month period in 2001, all native Azerbaijani who received an ocular examination from 1 of 2 ophthalmologists (Z.A. and S.S.) at a major general eye clinic in Baku, Azerbaijan, were evaluated for XFS. Most of these patients sought care because of difficulty seeing due to uncorrected or inadequately corrected refractive errors and/or presbyopia. Patients were designated as having XFS if exfoliation material was apparent on the anterior lens capsule and/or at the pupillary border during routine postdilation biomicroscopy, done with patient consent.