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October 2006

Ophthalmology From Ancient Persia to the Modern Era

Arch Ophthalmol. 2006;124(10):1481-1483. doi:10.1001/archopht.124.10.1481

Iran (Persia) is located between the Caspian Sea to the north and the Persian Gulf to the south. The population of Iran is 69 million, making it the 17th most populous country in the world. It has an area of approximately 636 293 square miles (1 648 000 square kilometers), roughly 3 times the size of France.

Based on the World Health Organization Web site, Iran has an annual population growth rate of 1.25%, an infant mortality rate of 28.6 in 1000, and a life expectancy of 67 years for men and 72 years for women. Iran is one of the largest producers of oil. Per capita income is about $7219. In 2002, total health expenditure per capita was $432, and total health expenditure as a percentage of gross domestic product was 6%.

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