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September 1939


Arch Ophthalmol. 1939;22(3):432-438. doi:10.1001/archopht.1939.00860090098011

E. Fuchs1 in 1908 suggested the name diktyoma for a group of rare tumors arising from the pars ciliaris retinae, as their main characteristic is the production of membranes resembling the embryonic retina. Before 1908 4 instances of such tumors were reported. In chronologic sequence, the authors of these reports were Badal and Lagrange,2 who classified the tumor as an adenocarcinoma; Emanuel,3 who termed it a glioma of the pars ciliaris retinae; Verhoeff,4 who gave it the rather appropriate name of teratoneuroma, and Ginsberg,5 who called it a malignant epithelioma of the ciliary body.

Since then a total of 3 other cases has been added—one by Greeves,6 a second by Velhagen7 and the third by Böck.8

These tumors have the following features in common: (1) the young, usually infantile, age of the patient (the respective ages in the aforementioned reports were 8,

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