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September 1945


Arch Ophthalmol. 1945;34(3):187-190. doi:10.1001/archopht.1945.00890190187002

CHANGES IN FUNDUS OF EYE ASSOCIATED WITH DIABETES  The changes which are seen in the fundus of the eye in cases of diabetes may be classified as follows :

  • Diabetic retinitis, or retinopathy proper

    1. Small, round and irregular hemorrhages

    2. Sharply defined, white exudates in the deeper layers of the retina

    3. Yellowish white, glistening deposits

  • Complicating elements in the ophthalmoscopic picture due to changes in the retinal vessels

    1. Changes due to aging and arteriosclerosis : irregular tortuosity of the vessels, irregularity of the lumen, widening of the light reflex, apparent compression of veins where crossed by arteries

    2. Changes due to contraction of small vessels in the course of the later stages of essential hypertension : a few small, irregular hemorrhages and an occasional cotton wool patch

    3. Changes due to obstruction of a large branch of the central vein : hemorrhages of all sizes in a sector of the fundus

    4. 4. Changes due to episodal arteriospastic

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