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May 1947


Arch Ophthalmol. 1947;37(5):618-648. doi:10.1001/archopht.1947.00890220635008

V. ORIGIN OF ANOMALOUS CORRESPONDENCE  Nothing is known about the mechanism which brings about the loosening of the normal sensorial relationship and the revaluation of the spatial values of the retina of the deviated eye. For the time being, one is entirely dependent on speculation in this matter. However, any consideration of the problem must take account of the following facts : (a) Anomalous correspondence may be observed even in cases of extreme amblyopia of the deviated eye, and (b) it is the prolonged simultaneous stimulation of the fovea of one eye and of an eccentric element of the retina of the other eye that leads in some way to the establishment of anomalous correspondence.Deeply rooted anomalous correspondence may be observed in cases of extreme amblyopia. For instance, I have seen a student with a congenital, partly absorbed cataract. After this cataract was removed by needling, vision in that eye—in

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