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December 1954

CORNEAL TRANSPLANTATION: A Review of 365 Operations

AMA Arch Ophthalmol. 1954;52(6):871-916. doi:10.1001/archopht.1954.00920050877009


  • Prognosis and Graft Clarity

  • Operative Technique

  • Analysis of Results

  • Summary and Conclusions

  • References

  • Statistical Tables

  1. Keratoconus

  2. Fuchs's Dystrophy

  3. Groenouw's Dystrophy

  4. Leucoma

  5. Keratitis

  1. Trachomatous Scarring

  2. Ulcers and Ulcer Scarring

  3. Scarring (Nonspecific)

  4. Chemical Burns and Explosion Injuries

  5. Miscellaneous

  1. 11. Relation of Diagnosis to Operative Result

THE WAVE of enthusiasm over the promise of keratoplasty during the 1940's, particularly in the United States, raised many exaggerated hopes. Excessive publicity attendant on the establishment of eye banks misled both the public and some members of the medical profession as to the potentialities of the corneal graft technique.* The need was apparent for careful evaluation of large series of corneal graft cases to answer these specific questions: When should a corneal graft be done? What is the criterion of a successful operation? What is the probability of success in unselected series of cases? In selected cases?Elschnig,6 Filatov,7 Thomas,10

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