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November 1958

Conjunctival Flaps in the Treatment of Corneal Disease with Reference to a New Technique of Application

AMA Arch Ophthalmol. 1958;60(5):880-888. doi:10.1001/archopht.1958.00940080900008

Frequently there comes a time in the course of serious corneal ulceration when medical treatment fails and the ophthalmologist must result to surgery. This is particularly true when the ulceration is of unknown cause or when there is no known specific medical treatment. The first surgical treatment employed is usually either chemical or thermal cauterization, and this is frequently followed by other procedures, such as paracentesis, Saemisch section, delimiting keratotomy, peritomy, and the application of conjunctival flaps. The increasing numbers of indolent herpetic ulcerations, many of which have been adversely influenced by excessive steroid therapy, present a problem of rehabilitation of temporarily disabled persons.

Dissected flaps of conjunctiva offer a valuable means of covering the ulcerated cornea either temporarily or permanently. I shall enumerate the corneal conditions for which they are most useful and shall describe the technique that I have used in applying them to the cornea.

Conjunctival flaps

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