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March 1959

Sympathectomy and Immunologically Induced Bilateral Eye Reactions in the Rabbit

AMA Arch Ophthalmol. 1959;61(3):453-463. doi:10.1001/archopht.1959.00940090455014

Introduction  If a sterile foreign protein is injected into rabbit vitreous and about two weeks later the same antigen is given intravenously, an acute aseptic inflammatory reaction not only occurs in the uveal tract of the eye into which the material was previously injected but may also occur to less degree in the contralateral eye. These bilateral eye reactions have been experimentally produced and described by Woods,1 Guillery,2 von Szily,3 Marchesani,4 Seegal and Seegal,5 Schlaegel,6,7 Foss,8 Schlaegel and Wilson,9 and Schmedtje.10,11Different explanations have been proposed for bilateral eye reactions following the aggravation of only one eye. In the case of the experimentally produced reactions just described in the rabbit, an explanation emphasizing local tissue antibodies was offered by Foss.8 He suggested that the original antigen, injected intraocularly, not only sensitizes the cells of the eye into which the material