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December 1962

Congenital Melanosis Oculi: Report of a Case

Arch Ophthalmol. 1962;68(6):738-741. doi:10.1001/archopht.1962.00960030742008

True congenital melanosis iridis, or hyperpigmentation of the iris, occurs in melanosis oculi, a condition characterized by increased pigmentation of the uveal tract, sclera, and occasionally of the optic papilla. Its occurrence in fair, or lightly-pigmented individuals is relatively rare and preponderantly unilateral. In several of the cases reported in the literature biomicroscopy reveals a system of peculiar, distinctive, star-like verrucosities scattered over the anterior layer of the iris which are not found normally in any race or in any pathological condition. In reviewing the literature only 6 previously reported cases of bilateral verrucous hyperchromia of the iris could be found; the last was reported in 1928.

Report of Case  A 10-year-old white female was seen on a routine "eye check-up." She was noted to have "brown eyes" a few days after birth. Her eyes have become "only slightly darker" since then. The mother's pregnancy, labor, and delivery were not