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December 1962

The Mitotic Cycle of the Lens Epithelium: Effect of Age and Galactose

Arch Ophthalmol. 1962;68(6):801-809. doi:10.1001/archopht.1962.00960030805015

Introduction  In 1952, Howard1 and von Sallmann2 reported a technique for the flat preparation of the lens epithelium. This technique simplified the microscopic study of this monocellular layer. In addition, von Sallmann quantitated the number of mitotic figures present in the lens epithelium of rabbits and found changes in the number of mitotic cells per lens epithelium in irradiated rabbits.2Subsequently, changes in mitotic counts in the lens epithelium were reported after x-ray irradiation in other animal species3 and after the administration of alloxan,4 myleran,5 iodoacetate,17 or galactose,5 all known cataractogenic agents. Further, mitotic counts have been useful in evaluating lens culture media6,7 and the effects of cataractogenic dyes in vitro.8The mitotic cycles of cultured lenses were calculated by Constant7 by adding colchicine (which arrests mitosis at metaphase) to the incubating media. In a previous study,9 systemic

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