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August 1965

Anterior Chamber Deepening for Gonioscopy at Time of Surgery

Arch Ophthalmol. 1965;74(2):177-190. doi:10.1001/archopht.1965.00970040179011

In the management of angle-closure glaucoma it is now generally accepted that operation is indicated for most cases. Operation widens all portions of the angle not already permanently closed by peripheral anterior synechiae (p.a.s) and prevents further closure. In early cases without p.a.s, peripheral iridectomy effects a cure of the disease and no further treatment is necessary. At the other extreme, when a considerable portion of the angle is closed by peripheral anterior synechiae a filtering operation is required. The problem is the selection of the proper operation for each individual case.

Various factors must be taken into consideration and various procedures may be employed in arriving at the correct choice of operation in an individual case. These include the history, response to medical treatment (especially miotic treatment), preoperative gonioscopy, tonography, and gonioscopy at time of surgery. Though all these factors will be considered, our principal purpose in this communication